auto steam cleaners

Using steam for cleaning is a simple and secure method for deep-cleaning cars, residences, offices, and more. Steam is effective against hard-to-remove dirt such as mold, stains, and pests. The advantage is that there’s no need for harsh or toxic chemicals – steam alone can handle the job!

The cleansing power of steam

While there’s a variety of auto steam cleaners available, all capitalize on the cleansing power of steam. Many are electric-powered, but some commercial models, like the Fortador PRO Max, use a combination of electricity and diesel. This dual power source equips them with enhanced performance, making them suitable for intensive cleaning tasks, such as in car washes or businesses.

Electric steam cleaners are typically chosen for household tasks as they don’t require the power intensity needed for commercial-scale cleaning.

To operate the auto steam cleaner, its tank needs to be filled with water. The device heats this water beyond boiling to produce steam. By combining intense heat with high pressure, the steam can disinfect surfaces, effectively killing bacteria and allergens. This eco-friendly method requires no chemicals, relying only on pressurized steam.

Steam’s minute particles penetrate surface pores, ensuring a thorough clean, making it effective on hard surfaces as well as upholstery and fabrics.

Moreover, steam cleaning promotes better indoor air quality since no chemical agents are involved, ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for inhabitants and pets.

Choosing the right auto steam cleaner for home use

For home cleaning, large commercial devices aren’t necessary. Compact auto steam cleaners, like canister models, are just as effective for bigger spaces. The primary differences between commercial and residential steam cleaners are size and power capacity.

The Fortador Volt Mini is an excellent choice for household cleaning. Its compact design ensures easy storage, but it remains powerful enough for diverse home cleaning tasks. It also comes with several attachments, suitable for various cleaning needs, from carpets to furniture.

Steam Cleaners for Commercial Use

For commercial cleaning purposes, like car washes or cleaning companies, you need a powerful auto steam cleaner. The Fortador PRO Max is an ideal choice for business-grade steam cleaning, thanks to its power and capability to connect to 5 guns. 

Floor Cleaning with Steam

Auto steam cleaners are safe for many flooring types including hardwood, tile, and laminate. They can efficiently remove dirt and give floors a fresh look. However, avoid using them on unsealed hardwood and unglazed tile floors.

Bugs and Steam Cleaning

You can use steam to eliminate pests like dust mites, roaches, and bed bugs without resorting to chemicals.

Carpet Cleaning with Steam

Auto steam cleaners can deep clean carpets by loosening dirt and removing stubborn stains. Some models even combine steam and vacuum functions for more effective cleaning.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning with Steam

Auto steam cleaners are effective for cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms. They can tackle grime on stovetops, counters, bathroom fixtures, and more.

Steam Cleaning Furniture

You can safely steam clean upholstery and outdoor furniture. The process removes stains and kills bacteria without harming the fabric or leaving behind chemical odors.

Safety around Children and Pets

Steam cleaning is child and pet-friendly. It sanitizes surfaces without chemicals, making environments safer.

Car Cleaning with Steam

Detailing a car is easier with the auto steam cleaner, which can clean both interior and exterior surfaces. The Fortador VOLT Electra is especially handy for tight spots.


Auto steam cleaners are versatile tools for cleaning homes, offices, and cars. They’re safe for most surfaces, children, and pets. They sanitize while cleaning, offering a chemical-free solution to common cleaning challenges. With the auto steam cleaner, maintaining cleanliness becomes simpler and more efficient.