Robert Pora

Incredibly good! Robert Pora, CEO of HD Cleaners – Meridian Invest SRL, tells us about the success of Polish machines supporting business in Romania.

Your company started more than 20 years ago in a small town in the heart of Romania, and today it is already a leader in the premium cleaning services industry. Why did you decide to include Polish machines in the company’s offer? How do they support and make your business grow?

Robert Pora: During all these years of our operation on the market, we have always been looking for ways to facilitate and streamline our work in such a way as to provide customers with the highest quality of cleaning services on the one hand, and on the other hand, to save water, energy and time. We focus on excellent cleaning efficiency and ecology, as well as on very low energy consumption. And that means increased machine productivity at a lower cost. And more profit! That is why from the very beginning we focused on innovative cleaning technologies, devices that make us even more professional, make us work with even more passion and at the same time, earn even more money!

Is it really that simple? Tell us specifically how machines work, what are their pros and cons from your perspective?

Robert Pora:  Machines can be used by more than one operator at a time, which also increases their productivity. The advantage of these devices is also their touch screen, simple, intuitive operation and built-in auto diagnostics functions. The steamer has the top quality spare parts built in, the boiler and the heating system are simply incredibly good! These steam cleaners are very versatile, durable and easy to use.

The diesel/hybrid models are powered by a Lamborghini unit, with the world’s lowest fuel consumption and the highest steam production capacity. It sums up to 83% less consumption, 83% less pollution, compared with what the second best competitor has to offer. And the remaining 17% and its CO2 emissions can be reduced by another 90% by using it with VHO fuels – hydrotreated vegetable oil. So it is environmentally friendly, stronger and better. This is the first time we have invested in this type of equipment and we were delighted to have used it. Our customers, too!

And this is just the beginning of our cooperation!

Robert Pora:  Exactly! Fortador products are a real discovery for us! We studied them very carefully, tested them and it became immediately clear to us that all these devices are made to the highest quality standards, and the models manufactured for car wash are the best steam cleaners on the market! That is why we hope for an inspiring partnership and intensive development of our cooperation with Fortador! Especially so that both technical and marketing support and customer approach are equally excellent!

Thank you for the interview!

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